Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: Dells Army Ducks

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Our family, together with my parents who visited us from the Philippines, spent 3 days in Wisconsin (the Waterpark Capital of the World) last June 2019. We stayed in Chula Vista Resort, which is really a beautiful place.

Aside from splashing into the resort's indoor waterpark, we did not let our stay end without touring the Dells of the Wisconsin River. Although there are several boat tours around the area, we decided to do it with Dells Army Ducks. I placed a short video clip of our trip at the end of this article.

To explore the famous ancient rock formations, we went aboard a 6-wheel-drive amphibious duck boat which was crafted for World War II. This boat is so special because it allows guests to be brought in and out of the water during the 1-hour tour.

Amphibious Duck Boat from World War II

Dummy Soldiers On Dells Army Ducks

While going along Lake Delton and Dell Creek on the open-sided boat, we had great views of the eroded sandstone and bluffs.

Dells Army Ducks' tour guides are also funny, friendly and very knowledgeable. They really made the tour very interesting-- by telling history of the Dells and cracking jokes :)

Paleo-Indian and Native American people were also said to have left behind effigy and burial mounds, camps and village sites, garden beds, and rock art (Source: Wikipedia).

Here's also a short video from our Dells Army Ducks tour.

Dells Army Ducks, Wisconsin Dells

The Dells of the Wisconsin River is really a natural gem because of its scenic beauty. If you plan to drop by the state, don't forget to go for a boat tour to complete your getaway experience.

If you have kids, they would surely love this one of a kind land and water boat ride.

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