Why Should You Launch A Virtual Assistance Website? Internet Business.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Everyday, more and more people are looking for ways how to spend more time with their families while earning money. Establishing a home-based work office is one of the best ways to do this.

One internet business opportunity to look at is creating and running your own virtual assistance website. If you have the capital, knowledge, skills and passion for it, launch your own website. This allows you to expand your horizon.

Your question could be, "Why should I create my own virtual assistance website when I can just search for clients in job search websites?"

The answers are:

  1. To reach more clients--even across the shore,

  2. To establish more credibility as you encourage your past clients to submit testimonials or ratings on your services, and

  3. To create the potential for hiring other VAs once your clientele base gets bigger.

Many companies, from small to large, can hire virtual assistants (VAs). They do this for a variety of reasons. Companies can actually save a substantial amount of money if they decide to hire a VA.

When companies or business hire a virtual assistance, they save money by:

  1. Eliminating or reducing transportation allowances of their employees,

  2. Reducing labor costs since they can hire a VA and pay per hour, per job contract, or per month according to the length of service they want, and

  3. Facilitating downsizing while ensuring crucial tasks are still done.

Internet Business Virtual Assistance Website
Launch Your Own Virtual Assistance Website

Your potential clients, as a virtual assistant, may include:

  1. Authors

  2. Bloggers

  3. Researchers

  4. Entrepreneurs

  5. Academic educators/ professors

  6. Other professionals (accountants, engineers, statisticians, etc.)

You have to have the following skills to increase your edge to succeed in this type of business.

  1. Professional knowledge and skills in keyboarding and use of office software such as Microsoft Office.

  2. Excellent organizational skills.

  3. Networking skills to advertise and expand your clientele base.

  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  5. Research skills.

  6. Website management skills.

  7. Efficient time management skills.

What are the steps to start your own virtual assistance business? Here are the basic steps.

  1. Assess. Assess your knowledge, skills and passion. Ask yourself, "Do I have what it takes to become a reputable virtual assistant? Do I have special knowledge and skills to offer to my clients?"

  2. Plan and Organize. If you answer yes to the previous questions, then it's time to plan and organize launching your business. Include in your plan: what specific services you'd offer; how much you'd charge your clients (per hour, per job contract, or on a monthly basis); design and development of your website including website hosting and domain (include how much you'd be willing to spend on these); additional home office items such as computer hardware and software, fax machine, printer, etc.; preparation of contract; payment options and terms and conditions; and others.

  3. Prepare Your Business License. Depending on your location, you may have different legal requirements prior to launching your virtual assistance business/ website. It would be best to get proper and legitimate consultation with your locale's Department of Trade and Industry or other related government offices.

  4. Network Your Virtual Assistance Business. Use your connection power, to advertise your newly launched internet business. This is one of the major pillars of any successful business. Let your presence be known through your friends, family relatives, previous clients, or colleagues. Use the power of social media to establish your brand. You can also develop a blog page to help your website from getting known. Submitting your website in Online Business Page Directories can also be beneficial.

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