What Triggered My Facial Ticks and How I Overcame Them--Naturally

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

It was during winter 2017 when I first had weird sensations around my neck. The sensations can be described as itchiness and I've had the urged to just twitch or shrug my shoulders in response to it.

Overtime, the sensations started crawling up to my face. And I had the same responses, even getting worse. I started sniffing while scrunching my nose and twitching my facial muscles.

My husband didn't notice for the first few months, but as it grew worse, he began noticing and getting worried. At one point, he thought I was just having some kind of facial mannerisms and he sometimes got annoyed with them.

Every time my husband would try to notice my facial ticks and tell me to control it, I felt the sensation getting strong, and so the ticks, as well. I started getting anxious and the feeling was really dreadful.

But being a nurse too, he soon realized those were facial ticks. He started becoming more understanding too and stopped telling me to consciously control it.

I'd also want to share that since I was a little girl, I was already (unknowingly) having facial ticks (nose scrunching and clearing of throat). My parents don't have any medical background and they too thought it was just some kind of mannerism.

Years earlier, I also had uncontrollable eye blinking. And the sensations were also felt as itchiness and dryness. In response, I'd blink my eyes.

I remember the following things happening and triggering my facial ticks in 2017:

  • I gave birth in March 2017 and went back to work in October 2017. It was such a stressful time for me too. My marital relationship was also on the rocks during that time. Praise the Lord Almighty, we were able to settle all things which prevented us from getting divorced and keep our family home.

  • The weather was getting cold (Fall-- Winter)

  • The initial sensations would occur every time I wore my jacket--or anything that's tight around my chest and neck.

A few months passed and I fully understood what aggravates my facial ticks:

  • The sound of running water as I wash dishes

  • Doing household chores to the point of getting exhausted

  • Intense emotions of happiness, excitement, anger, loneliness, and others

I was feeling so down because I couldn't control it. There were brief moments when I could suppress it but it made the sensation and facial ticks even worse. I started feeling hopeless.

I took a prescribed medication by my doctor which I felt like giving a temporary relief. I was desperate to totally eliminate it from my system.

Then recently (perhaps about 4 weeks ago since I started drafting this post), I suddenly felt the sensations and urge fading... Little by little everyday.

As of today, June 15, I'm still having facial ticks but I could say it's only about 5% of what I used to have.

My experience is something personal and I don't give any professional advice for you guys out there who are facing the same dilemma. This post is just about sharing my personal experience.

Actually, I felt like accidentally getting into these positive and healthy habits which in turn naturally helped me overcome my facial ticks.

So are you ready guys? Here are the 3 Natural Ways I Did To Overcome My Facial Ticks.

1. Fresh fruit smoothies. I started preparing healthy fruit smoothies. In a blend, I have like 4-5 fruits and vegetables which I put into our Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender.

I make sure I have rainbow-colored fruits and vegetable combination like red bell pepper which is very rich in Vitamin C, orange juice, strawberries, kale or spinach, pineapple, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, and others.

We prepare fresh smoothies everyday because of the current pandemic, Covid-19. Both my 9- and 3-year-old boys like them too. They just got so used to it that they'd ask for it everyday.

I'm so happy we can get them to take healthy food especially during these hard times.

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2. Positive affirmations and hypnosis. Listening to positive affirmations and hypnosis in Youtube. I felt like my anxiety is getting out of control so I really looked for ways how to naturally calm myself.

One night, I was listening to instrumental music using my headphones, and I came across Jason Stephenson's Youtube channel. I started listening to his voice and it was so relaxing.

I felt like being brought to a different dimension and I immediately felt all the negative thoughts fade away. My body responded very well to it providing me supreme calmness I have never felt for more than 3 years.

I listen to it every night at bedtime. After a week of doing so, I felt my facial ticks fading-- significantly. Sniffing, nose scrunching, throat clearing, shoulder shrugging--- all these are now 95% gone.

3. Exercise. I've always felt like having a sedentary lifestyle (except when I was younger and actually I have acquired a black belt in TaeKwonDo in the Philippines when I was 16 years old).

One day, I had the strong desire to make a positive change about it. At the same time, I noticed my eldest son to be getting addicted with video games and I want him to get fit and healthy. So, I decided to purchase a punching bag.

I wanted a freestanding punching bag and I looked up in Amazon and found Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag. We got the red one, and we filled it with water.

Another great thing about it is that its height is adjustable since my eldest is shorter than me.

Please click the link above to purchase this from Amazon.

After a week of doing strenuous boxing/ punching exercises for at least 15 minutes a day, I noticed feeling a whole lot better-- physically and emotionally. And the best thing about it is it's working really really great in alleviating my facial ticks.

From my point of view, doing exercise helped me manage my stress very well. Hence, leading to reduced facial ticks.

If you're like me who has been dealing with unpleasant facial ticks, talk to your doctors first and check if doing what I do can be safe for you. Nothing can replace the advice of your primary care physician. Stay safe and well!

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