What To Include in a Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Once your business idea/ firm attracts a potential investor or partner, you might be asked to orally present a business plan. Generally, people use some sort of PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid.

But before we discuss the common elements you definitely wouldn't want to miss in your slides, let us cite the general key points on the day of your business plan presentation.

First, you have to make sure that your presentation is sharp and informative, but not excessively to the point of making the presentation boring, exhausting and/or confusing. Remember, you must be able to ignite the enthusiasm of your listeners-- your potential investors.

Oftentimes, PowerPoint presentations shouldn't last for more than 20 minutes, unless otherwise instructed and also depending on the extent of your discussion. A bigger part of a business plan presentation is usually allotted for a question-and-answer period where the listeners ask more specific questions.

Second, make sure to rehearse your presentation several times. Be familiar with the terms, graphs and figures, and other ambiguous elements which might trigger questions from your listeners.

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Third, arrive on time (better if earlier than the other person) on the day of your meeting. Wearing a business attire is also desirable because it gives an impression how serious and professional you are in doing business.

Common Elements of a Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

In developing a business plan PowerPoint presentation, you must include title; problem and solution; opportunity and target market; technology to be used (if applicable); current competition in the market; marketing and sales strategies; your management staff; financial projections; current status of your firm; financing agenda; and summary slides.

Remember, these are just general guidelines. You may have to adjust you PowerPoint presentation slides according to your needs and what your listeners could require.

Let us discuss each briefly.

Slide 1: Title

This includes your firm's name and logo, as well as the founders' name.

Slide 2: The Main Problem

Attractive business ideas include one that solves problems of a certain group of people. Identifying people's 'needs' rather than simply 'wants' and offering genius solutions to these need-based problems can give your business a better edge to succeed long-term. Read here for other characteristics of attractive business ideas.

Using statistical reports is a good way to convince your potential investor that there is really a problem or gap that needs to be filled.

Slide 3: Your Solution

Successful businessmen see problems as opportunities. Therefore, how you plan to provide solutions to identified problems is also an important part of your business presentation.

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Your solution should be creative and innovative for it to go above the rest of your competitors.

Slide 4: Who's Your Target Market

Your market is your niche. As an entrepreneur, especially if you're a start up, you cannot just randomly say who you're customers are more likely going to be.

You must have your goal and objectives regarding who will benefit most from your products and services.

Slide 5: Use of Technology

Potential investors should also be informed about any type of technology you'll use to accomplish your business' goals and objectives.

Slide 6: Current Competition in the Market

One way to analyze your business' edge is to understand the degree of competition in the current market. You must be able to present what your firm can offer that others cannot.

Ask yourself, "What are my advantages over others?"

Slide 7: Marketing and sales strategies

Another important part of your business presentation, which is actually the main interest of your potential investors, is how you plan to effectively market your products and services and make sales.

It would also be beneficial to present results of buying intention surveys that you have conducted, if there's any.

Slide 8: Your Management Staff

The backbone of your success is primarily influenced by engaged employees well-equipped with the right knowledge, skills, attitude and valuable experience.

Presenting your core team's members and their expertise can really be enticing to your listeners.

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Slide 9: Financial Agenda/ Projections

Discuss your firm's capital/ funding sources and needs and your projections on when profit will come.

You must also be able to discuss how much funds your firm needs and how you plan to allocate the money to run the business.

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Slide 10: Current Status of Your Firm

This slide will give your listeners an idea regarding how far you've achieved your goals and objectives.

Citing accomplishments or important milestones reflects how passionate you are with what you're doing.

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Slide 11: Summary

Give the summary of your business presentation.

Your last slide must be powerful enough to convince your listeners to invest in your business venture. Be sure to give the central essence how and why engaging business with you will benefit them.

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