What Does The Bible Say About Women/ Wives?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

This morning I received a message from a friend who used to be our helper in the Philippines. She was asking for some financial help.

From our conversation, I learned that she got separated from her husband two years ago. It appears that they're having a lot of misunderstandings with money matters. The husband, who's working overseas, wants to know how she spends the money. The problem arises because my friend, apparently, does not like the way her husband treats her when it comes to their finances.

Although I don't know the whole story behind their separation, I can feel that she's having a hard time submitting to her husband.

I sent this Bible verse to my friend.

God Himself has said (to wives), "Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you." Wow! How many among you reading this verse agrees? It may sound so difficult for many, and could be impossible for some. Yeah?

After sending this Bible quote to my friend, she was in silent... After a few moments, she confessed this is also what her husband keeps on telling her.

To some extent, I know my friend. I know how strong she is, and submission isn't just her thing. She was abandoned by her own mother, and from then on she was forced to become a house helper so she could finish her studies. Life has made her tough. And I really couldn't blame her for that.

It was because of our latest conversation that I decided to create a post about 'What The Bible Says About Women/ Wives.' These are my favorite Bible texts about women/ wives.

Keep on reading and I hope you'll be blessed with what the Bible has to say.

What Does The Bible Say About Women/ Wives?

1 Women are men's helpers

A wife should be cooperative with her own husband. The moment you got married, you have become one. Just as the old adage says, "Behind every successful man, is a good woman."

Planning for your family's future should include both you and your husband. Compromising and putting your family's welfare should be above the rest, after God.

Let no man or woman, or other worldly things separate you. For you and your husband have been made for each other by God. Keep HIM, as the center of your relationship so you will grow strong and resilient even amidst the most challenging times of your lives.

2 Boisterous woman

We often hear the saying, "A woman's tongue wags like a lamb's tail."

Woman are more likely to be more talkative than men. We, women, are known to be nagging queens- stereotypically. This has caused many unsettled or worsened arguments between wives and husbands.

But then the Holy Bible reminds not to do this. The Bible is telling us that even during heated discussions, women should remain calm.

I bet this idea is so attractive for men.

3 Finding a good wife

Wives should never do some something which shall cause disgrace to her husband and children. This is what the Bible tells us.

Live a life guided with morality. You shall please not only your husband, but also God.

4 A woman is created for a man

God created a woman for a man. This is the foundation of what marriage should be like.

Furthermore, these Bible verses tell us that a wife should submit to her husband. (Of course, this does not include if your husband is pushing you to do evil. Or if you're already being abused.)

If you do not agree with your husband, settle the matter in a calm and objective manner. Use of unkind or hateful words during arguments or discussions is like 'putting out a fire with more woods'.

5 Responsibilities of wives

A wife, according to the Bible, should live a virtuous life. You should be chaste in the eyes of the Lord, your husband, and your children.

Never make gossiping a habit. Never give into any form of addiction. Teach your children about God and good manners. Train you daughters how to be a sober woman. Love and serve your husband and children with all your heart. Bring them closer to God. Keep a happy home. Love and respect your husband.

These are what the Bible says about what women/ wives should be.

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