Businesses For Nurses To Start

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Amidst this pandemic, I'm sure many nurses would want to look for other sources of income. Nurses want to earn money without getting too much exposure to this devastating virus which has claimed a lot of precious lives.

Just like other business models, becoming a nurse entrepreneur may not be easy. But with the right knowledge, skills and attitude (including passion), proper planning and risk management, and a little bit of luck, you may be off to reap the rewards of entrepreneurship.

As a nurse myself, I searched for business opportunities nurses can start and develop.

Business Ideas For Nurses

Here are some businesses nurses can start and grow into a profitable venture.

  • Start a nursing research consultancy business. If you have a knack in reading and editing scientific papers, detailed-oriented and patient, be a virtual nursing research tutor. A website or social media page can allow you to explore offshore clients (who are having difficulty with their research. Just don't forget to draw the line between editing and/or tutoring and actually doing the whole research paper.

  • Sell healthcare products or items (e.g. scrub uniforms, face masks, personalized nursing items, etc). E-commerce opens the door for a cheaper means to advertise and sell your products.

  • Become an independent marriage/ family therapist. Depending on your professional background in caring for families and psychology, helping families to cope with special health issues can be very rewarding and profitable.

  • Develop and sell your own hypnosis and/or guided meditation products. Nurses are most likely equipped with stress management strategies. With stress becoming more and more a concern among people, you might want to capitalize on the need to keep human stress level at a manageable level. Be a certified hypnotherapist.

  • Get into stress relief toy business. Being a kid at heart with fondness in toys, selling stress relief toys can be enjoyable and profitable at the same time.

  • Open a wellness center. Help people maintain good health with a wellness center. The good news is that doing this kind of business can be done partly or totally virtual.

  • Launch a nursing exam review business. Passing the NCLEX is such a difficult endeavor for many nurses across the world. Do you have what it takes to teach them? Would you like to share your knowledge and skills in taking nursing exams?

  • Launch a small business resource center for aspiring nurse entrepreneurs (internet business) like you. You can profit from running ads and affiliate programs.

  • If you have an eligible space, open a child or senior day care center. Looking into the requirements of a day care for people (children and/or adults) with special needs can also offer opportunities.

  • Develop and sell nursing apps. You may need to hire a software developer to produce your products/ services.

  • Open an internet-based seminar business. Do you have a set of special knowledge and skills you want to share to others? Or can you hire a pool of professionals who would like to team up with you launch a seminar business?

  • Sell health-related articles among bloggers. LinkedIn and other professional social media sites can offer you opportunities to showcase your health-related writing skills.

  • Be a life coach. Is your mind overflowing with words of wisdom? Then you may want to use your talent and make money at the same time.

The following are unconventional business ideas for nurses who want to change their careers.

  • Get into farming/ agriculture business (such as organic or hydroponics farming)

  • Learn about forex trading.

  • Think about healthy and delicious food business (smoothies, vegetarian food, food delivery services, keto food, baked goodies, food catering business, etc.)

  • Create videos and post them in social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Youtube) that allow you to monetize your content. One idea is about kids learning videos. Incorporate healthy practices, good manners, and academics into your children-targeted videos.

  • Sell life insurance. This pandemic has proven that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Convincing your target customers to purchase a life insurance could be much easier at this time. Just be sure to offer products and/or services from reputable companies to protect your customers.

  • Open a cleaning business. I know that a lot of nurses are quite very strict when it comes to cleanliness. You may want to use this kind of attitude to offer quality services to homes and offices.

  • Open a printing business and launch your website. By purchasing printing equipment, you can do this within the comfort of your home. You are not bounded by your physical location since you can reach more customers online and have their orders shipped to their address. You can also make personalized greeting cards or worksheets to sell.

  • Start a tutoring business. Are you passionate about teaching kids? If yes, why not start a tutoring business for children? Go virtual if possible. Teaching the English language can also be a great opportunity. There's a lot of people across the globe wanting to learn English.

Important Reminders For Wannabe Nurse Entrepreneurs

Remember that depending on your country or specific region, you may have to undergo additional or specialized education or training and/or to get certified or licensed to open some of the aforementioned businesses.

Please do your own diligence to research and comply with those standards of practice and seek personalized and professional advice among the experts in those fields.

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