What Are The Qualities Every Manager Should Have?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Being a manager isn't an easy-peasy thing that anyone can assume. Someone with an astounding level of intelligence, may still not be enough and right for such management position.

What are the qualities that every manager should have?

A good manager...

1. Is energetic, vivacious, and enthusiastic. These qualities are very contagious and have ripple effects on the motivation of others to accomplish goals and objectives. Managers who have physical vigor can be more inspiring for others to follow their leads. They posses the power to pull out the best ideas and behaviors from their staff leading to better performance and productivity.

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2. Has broad knowledge in his/her scope of practice, good judgment, and keen learning abilities. Staff are more likely to submit their trust and loyalty to someone who have extensive expert knowledge related to his roles and responsibilities. Moreover, formal education and degree or title add to someone's knowledge credibility.

Good managers must advocate for the importance of continuing education and he himself must purposefully show his participation in such activities.

3. Possesses immense technical skills on how to operate or perform tasks related to his role. Managerial competence is not limited to the know-hows-- the knowledge. Skills as reflected in one's ability to perform tasks smoothly and efficiently are also important qualities of a good manager. He must be able to demonstrate manual dexterity of how to accomplish those tasks especially during the training period.

4. Has competence in relating with people. Having good people skills are inarguably an important quality of efficient managers. Without good interpersonal and interprofessional skills it would be hard to lead and direct your staff.

Employees who feel they are cared about, valued and respected tend to be more engaged employees who contribute to organizational success. They are willing to put on their best effort and grow with the company.

Building strong and healthy relationship with others all start in effective communication-- both verbal and non-verbal.

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5. Has exemplary loads of related experience that backs up his/ her management role. A solid experience cannot be overemphasized as an essential prerequisite of a managerial position. Since you will be leading and managing people, they will look up and rely on you to teach, correct, and role model for them.

Substantial experience builds both your knowledge and skills, and without both you won't be effective in getting organizational goals and objectives done.

Moreover, having a previous supervisory experience is a plus because it means you already have the foundation of what it takes to manage people-- such as hiring, training/ coaching, managing conflicts, facilitating change, staffing, scheduling, evaluating performance and productivity, and others.

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