Small Businesses (Ideas) That Require Special Knowledge and Skills

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

If you've been thinking of quitting your job and starting your own business, you might have to initially undergo a specialized training or education and acquire a professional license.

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If you already have one, check out the following list of small business ideas that require specialized knowledge and skills. You might find something interesting that you'd want to do a more in-depth research and other preparations.

1. Construction business

  • drafting and designing buildings

  • block laying

  • brick laying

  • fencing/ fence rentals

  • cabling installation and maintenance

  • decorating

  • dredging

  • earthworks

  • electrical systems services

  • engineering

  • plumbing

  • glass works

  • landscaping/ lawn care business

  • roofing and gutter works

  • sewage business

  • swimming pool installation

  • heavy and large equipment rentals

2. Arts, entertainment and recreation business

  • events organizing/promoting (live performances, cultural show/exhibits, etc.)

  • arcades

  • museums

  • amusement park

  • media broadcasting (audio and video entertainments)

  • art tutorials (painting, wood art, sculpture, pottery, glass art, etc.)

  • sports hubs (boating rentals, golf driving/practice range, martial arts school, fitness center, etc.)

  • music school (voice or musical instruments)

3. Real estate business

  • house flipping

  • real estate photography/ listing website

  • rent out a property/ become a landlord

  • real estate brokerage/ become a real estate agent (use the power of social media as a real estate agent; make your own channel or page and conduct virtual tours)

  • real estate blogging

  • real estate investing company

  • property makeover business

  • property cleaning business

  • warehouse leasing or rental

  • events venue business

4. Professional, technical, or administrative business

  • virtual assistance business/ website

  • staffing agency

  • security agency

  • IT services

  • in-service education business for companies/ organizations

  • continuing education business for companies/ organizations

  • freelance content writing

  • bookkeeping business

5. Wholesale/ retail trade

  • beauty products/ cosmetics

  • educational toys

  • stress-relief toys

  • clothing shop (vintage collection, for moms and kids, gowns, maternity, men's apparel, etc.)

  • dropshipping

  • organic food supplements

  • farming (traditional, aquaponics, hydroponics, etc.)

  • herbal products business

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6. Health/ social services

  • life coaching

  • weight management counseling

  • hypnotherapy

  • meal planning services

  • physical fitness training services

  • marriage counseling

  • child counseling

  • health and wellness center

  • alternative medicine center

7. Educational services

  • ESL tutorial

  • daycare business

  • Montessori business

  • school for the gifted and talented

  • special education business

  • research assistance business

  • academics tutoring

  • educational vlogging

  • educational materials/ resources printing

  • educational supplies shop

8. Manufacturing

  • edible oil manufacturing

  • medical equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.)

  • plastic products (toys, home goods, etc.)

  • custom-made furniture

  • soap manufacturing (laundry detergents, hand soap, etc.)

  • pet food manufacturing

  • candles manufacturing

  • blinds manufacturing

  • essential oils manufacturing

  • powdered dehydrated food manufacturing

  • tile manufacturing

  • cement manufacturing

9. Finance/ insurance

Final Words:

Managing a small business requires marketing, negotiation, communication, risk management, conflict resolution, resource management, leadership, and many other skills. It could take years before you develop all these to flourish and to keep your customers.

Remember, it takes more than just passion, hard work, and optimism to succeed in any type of business.

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Moreover, don't forget to check your local or national rules and regulations and consult an expert prior to starting any kind of business venture to make sure you're complying with every legalities in your state or country.

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