Respondent.IO: Earn Extra Money Answering Surveys

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I wanted to write about how to generate business ideas aside from brainstorming and I stumbled upon the principle of focus groups. Suddenly I came across this potential side hustle opportunity-- taking part in surveys/ interviews to earn extra cash.

I signed up at Respondent.Io. After signing up I was asked to go to my dashboard to complete my Profile Status. It includes confirming your email address, uploading your photo, indicating a work email, as well as my location (state).

Signing up is so easy. It only took less than 10 minutes of my time (and probably yours too if you'll sign up). I went straight to the Browse Projects tab to scan for something which interests me. And I was fortunate to find three potential projects which still has open screeners.

(Here's how RESPONDENT.IO's website home page looks like.)

Without any hesitation, I immediately answered the pre-survey questions which would help the researcher determine if I'm a great fit to the project. Just be honest in answering those questions so that you don't end up participating in surveys/ interviews which do not really fit you.

Take note that if you see the '0 screeners left this period' notification, you cannot apply for that specific job post anymore for at least 24 hours. After which, you can once again look for potential survey/ interview jobs that suits your interest or educational and professional background.

I will keep this post updated if I get any response from my applications. I am hoping to earn some cash through this website.

You too can try signing up at Respondent.Io. Good luck! (Oh, you also get to earn through referrals.)

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