Products and Services People Need (And Not Just Want)

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

An attractive business opportunity is one that offers products and services based on human needs and not merely wants.

Why? It's because meeting our human needs is a long term pursuit. A business that meets people's needs is more likely to be trending business, rather than just a fad.

The following business ideas are inspired by Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a motivational theory (1).

Products and Services People Need

1 Physiological

  • Value-added food processing

  • Farming (traditional, aquaponics, hydroponics)

  • Restaurant or any other food business

  • Healthy powdered dehydrated food (e.g. kale, barley, moringa, etc.) and other nutritional supplements retailing

  • Hypnosis for restful sleep, stress-relief, or relaxation

  • Physical fitness training services

  • Meal planning services

  • Weight management coaching

  • Virtual yoga classes

  • Retail and/ or manufacturing of air purifiers

  • Fitness/ boxing gym

  • Healthy edible oil manufacturing

  • Open your own department store

  • Clothing store

Our body's physiological needs could be anything related to food, sex, comfort, rest, physical activity, and other physical health-related products and services. Go ahead, and do some brainstorming with your friends or team.

2 Safety/ security

  • Fabricated homes manufacturing/ installation

  • Security camera business

  • Adult daycare business

  • Children's daycare center

  • Martial arts school

  • Sell health and/or life insurance

  • Employment agency

  • Security guard agency (can be very profitable; my parents own one in the Philippines)

  • Bookkeeping services

  • House cleaning services

  • Tax return preparing services

  • Be a lawyer and start your own law firm

  • Children's car seat manufacturing/ retailing

  • Security software development

Safety and security needs refer to both physiological and psychological safety. Think of a business concept that would satisfy people's need for freedom from any kind of harm or threat.

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3 Social

  • Counseling (children, marriage, trauma, etc.) business

  • Coaching business (personal relationship, business)

  • Online dating site business (you can profit from membership fees; but please keep your site wholesome)

  • Start your own social media site/ channel (and monetize it)

  • Develop your own virtual summer camps

  • Sports and/or other hobby-related business (where people can gather around and socialize)

  • Support group services (e.g. for solo entrepreneurs, for people with introvert personality, for divorced/separated individuals, etc.)

  • Travel agency business

  • Arcade, museum, amusement park or other entertainment and recreation business

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The key concepts behind our social needs include affection, intimacy, social support, meaningful relationship with others, acceptance by others, and protection from social isolation.

4 Self-esteem

  • Self-esteem coaching business

  • ESL tutorial services (learning the English language is a valuable skill and can enhance a person's self-esteem)

  • Beauty salon business

  • Fitness studio

  • Skin care services

  • Personal lifestyle consulting business

Self-esteem is your sense of worthiness, self-respect, and good body image. It is also related to the degree of respect you get from others.

5 Self-actualization

  • Technical skills training school

  • Music school

  • Leadership training school

  • Career/ life coaching services

  • Bookstore (have your own physical and virtual store)

  • Write, publish, and sell your own books

  • Spiritual counselling

  • Be a public speaking coach

  • School for the gifted children/ individuals

  • School for the handicapped children and/or adults

Self-actualization is related to recognition of one's potential, autonomy, power, knowledge and skills acquisition, coping skills, self-fulfillment, spiritual well-being

Final Words:

As you look for business ideas that people need (and not merely want), you might also have to conduct further research regarding your state or country's specific requirements prior launching your business and make sure to comply with it. This is to avoid any troublesome legal interference during your operation.

Businesses management absolutely requires specialized knowledge and skills. And this may also mean getting a professional license prior opening your chosen business. Moreover, getting a personal professional advice cannot be overemphasized.

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(1) Schermerhorn Jr., John; Bachrach, Daniel. (2018). Exploring Management. Sixth Edition. USA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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