My Son Asked, "Mom, How Are Babies Formed?"

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

While our family was in the living room, my eldest son who is 9 years old brought up this question:

"Mom, how are babies formed?"

Mommy, how are babies formed?

My husband and I, although we're both nurses, honestly, were not prepared to answer his question that day. Of course, it's not because we don't know the answer but we're unsure how to properly answer.

So, just to temporarily keep the issue out of his mind, I answered, "I'll explain it to you tomorrow." I know that's not the best answer a nurse mom could give to his son but I was caught off guard.

I was born and raised in the Philippines, and sex education isn't really a thing among the younger population. Our conservative nature and upbringing further influenced our attitude to ward off discussion of sensitive matters with children.

The next day, I thought my son would forget about his question and I also failed to carefully plan how to tell him how babies are made. And yes, he did ask me again:

"Mom, how are babies formed? You said you'll tell me today."

Again, I wasn't prepared. I know, I know it's my bad. I should have done something to repel awkwardness and give him an intelligent and age-appropriate answer.

So, today I decided to prepare for it.

How to Answer Your Child When He Asks "How are Babies Made?"

  1. Use words that the child would understand. Don't use too much technical terms. Just use simple and common words he/she can comprehend.

  2. One great way to explain how babies are made is to say: "A very tiny egg inside Mommy's body met with a special cell-- a very tiny part from Daddy. After they met, it started to grow into a baby. Only mommies and grown-up girls have a special place in their tummies where a baby can stay for usually 9 months."

  3. If compelled to go into details, a very simple and straightforward answer would be: "Daddy's penis has to get inside Mommy's vagina." This may sound really disgusting for him, but it would be best for him to hear the answer from us anyway.

If you're unsure how to answer such sensitive question, getting a book to explain how babies are born can also be a fantastic tool.

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