Passive Income Ideas for 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

My husband and I, being both nurses, experienced how stressful it is to deal with patients. As a psychiatric nurse, my husband always deal with hostile, depressed, or manipulative patients. The struggles are real making money as an employee because of the very stressful work environment. That's why we understand how eager one can be in looking for sources of passive income.

Like us, many of those in the corporate world look for ways to escape the (sometimes described as dreadful or stressful) 9-5 jobs. Others invest in income-generating business with a dream to retire early and to enjoy the freedom of time doing what they love most. The idea of having more quality time with the family, traveling to visit magnificent places, or doing other fun leisure activities and making money at the same time is the aspiration of those who search for passive income ideas. If you dream of these things, you have to have a plan and put it into action; otherwise, it is just a wish.

Passive income has also been strongly linked to searches about home-based business and how to be your own boss-- things that will make your life easier.

When people eye for trending opportunities to earn regular income which require less to no effort, they specifically search for sources of passive income. Thanks to the availability of technology, especially the world wide web and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) for it has become easier for us to explore on these available opportunities. Establishing and expanding the system, forming connections, and getting customers are now simpler than a decade ago. I bet more innovative ideas and strategies on how to earn money with less effort, aside from the conventional way, are sure to come along. I support the idea, "Work smarter, not harder."

Meanwhile, although highly sought, the term passive income is often misunderstood. They think that it is a get-rich-quick way of building instant fortune overnight. One who thinks this way on about passive income is most likely to fail from a lot of disappointments.

The truth is, you need to initially invest either time or money or both, and a lot of nurturing. It may get some time before you see results but it could help you earn extra income, settle any debt (if you have) or eventually let you earn consistent money without much effort or even while you sleep.

There can be several dozen ways of earning passive income but I have handpicked the following which I personally believe are the most viable. May you find inspiration on these.

  1. Invest in items which you can rent out to people. My father has a distant relative who he knew had very little when they were young. That man wasn't able to finish a degree in college due to lack of finances; so he went overseas to work. After saving some money, he invested in construction tools and made connections with small-time construction groups. He used his charisma to attract customers to rent out his construction tools. Now, his business has significantly progressed into renting out heavy equipment to larger companies in their place. Their quality of life has also significantly improved as evidenced by a mansion house in their village and purchased huge lot sizes where the enormous heavy equipment are parked. Such as success story isn't it? If you have limited capital, you can start with cheaper things like bicycles, trampoline, gathering tents (for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), and party inflatables (pools, slides, bounce houses). Other rental ideas also include car and truck, formal wear, chairs and tables, weddings gowns, sound system, arcade games, and so much more. Try to conduct a research on you niche and analyze if you have a market to serve. To promote your products/ services, utilize social media. You can even build your own website or social media pages to showcase your services/ products. Using traditional ways of advertising, such as printed banners and flyers, can also work hand in hand with digital advertising. You can also check out my article, 22 Rental Business Ideas: Let You Money Work For You, for more ideas.

  2. Use your passion to write or create videos through blogging/ vlogging. Before you could monetize your blog, you have to publish interesting articles based on your niche. Common blog categories are fashion, beauty and fitness, education, technology, business, finance, and travel. Read my post on the 24 Most Popular Blog Categories and Topics. Determine your interest so you'll remain enthusiastic to consistently post articles. Remember that in any endeavor, consistent quality effort is needed to be successful. Blogging also requires that the writer be creative and purposeful to entice the reader from coming back to your blog; hence, you can create sufficient traffic. Vlogging is almost similar to blogging in a way that you aim to make connection to your target viewers, just through videos. The most popular site to publish your videos is on Youtube. Once you have published substantial content and have created a stable traffic, you can now explore ways to earn passive income. Remember though that your platform may have different traffic targets before you could monetize your blog/vlog. For blogging, the most common ways include displaying advertisements; making sponsored posts; affiliate marketing; and selling useful digital book and courses. Example of hot concepts for digital courses may include forex price action trading, methods to test precious metals and gems (for pawnshop owner wannabes), web development, dropshipping, art of photography, enhancing children's emotional intelligence, workplace conflict management, employee turnover management, etc. If you are an expert in something, you can dedicate time and effort to produce quality content from which others would have learning benefits. You can also sell applications, photographs or physical products on your site.

  3. Invest in a business. My father was employed at Shell Petroleum Corporation for 35 years until he retired as a manager in 2015. While still an employee, he together with his longtime comrades decided to invest in a security and manpower agency. Now, the business is still up and has been running for about 30 years already. Although my father has retired, he is still earning money (monthly pay as director and annually from stock dividends) from his investment in that business. It has also served him a great time to remain active, productive, and sociable as he transitions from being and employee into a retiree. My mother also invested in a hospital on which she receives yearly dividend. Other business ideas on which you can invest include car wash services, vending machines, laundromat, and multi-level marketing (MLM) or networking. Please don't raise your eyebrows with MLM (maybe, yet); learn the good and bad truths about MLM so you are informed of what makes it legitimate or scam.

  4. Real estate investing. My parents being business-minded people and our situation as nurses working in a stressful environment influenced me most to write about business ideas and information. I also have a background in management and leadership from when I took several courses in Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Nursing Leadership and Management. Going back, I have seen my mother invest in real estate properties in the Philippines. She also has several apartments which she rents out to people and it gives her sufficient cash flow now that she's a senior. The value of her real estate investments also significantly increased from inflation. In addition, she started building/ financing houses and selling it to people who cannot afford to build a house due to financial constraints. She then collects monthly payment from them for a total of 15 to 20 years, depending on the contract. She estimated that her capital would grow 30-40 percent from the interest. You may research local policies in your place regarding the legalities of financing houses for this may differ from one place to another.

  5. Peer to peer lending. I have witnessed by mother engage into microcredit business; and I've seen how profitable money lending can be. Her net profit margin is about 10-15 percent. She primarily lends money to those who operate small businesses like construction companies, travel agencies, tutorial school, etc. She feels more confident and secured lending to those who use the money for business rather than in other personal stuff. However, there are times when customers would default on their loans, and it can be hard to get your money back immediately. Nowadays, technology has led to the development of peer to peer (P2P) lending business. Accessibility of loans has been made possible by online services. In the US, there are several companies that allow you to invest in online peer to peer lending. These companies do the credit checking. Typically, trustworthy small business owners are the regular customers of this type of web-based lending platform. In relation to money lending, owning a pawnshop, can also be a great way to earn income as you make your money work for you. A pawnshop's business model also comes with a large profit margin (15 to 25 percent). In some countries, pawnshops, that offer collateral-based short-term loans, can be also be accessed online.

  6. Credit card rewards. The last on my list is credit card rewards. I am personally happy with my current bank's rewards. I literally earn money while spending. In the past 5 years, I get an average of $30 monthly from cash backs. In a year, that's about $360; and that is just so awesome.

So there you guys. Those are my top picks for earning passive income. Don't forget to conduct due diligence in acquiring enough knowledge before you start any kind of business. The term passive income may be so attracting, but really, it requires enough time, money, and consistent effort before you see results.

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