Is Hydroponics a Good Business Investment?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

To keep it short, YES! Hydroponics or any type of farming business can be a good investment.

Hydroponics is a modern day farming method where plants (crops or flowers) are cultivated in certain nutrient solutions rather than in soil.

Strawberry Hydroponics. Hydroponics Can Be A Good Investment.
Strawberry Hydroponics. Hydroponics Can Be A Good Investment.

Here are the main reasons why you should invest in a hydroponics or any farming business:

  1. Growing population. As of July 2020 the world population is estimated to be 7.8 billion. And by 2050, it is expected to rise to 9.8 billion. Food is a basic need of every human being. With this expected growth rate you can capitalize on any business that will be consumed daily by people. Hence, hydroponics or any farming business can be a good investment.

  2. Increasing urbanization. It is undeniable that a lot of people have this urban-mindset. They believe that a greener pasture is within the urban areas. The result is that the younger generations migrate to larger cities. The number of older farmers, who'd sooner or later will have to retire will most likely not be replaced by an equivalent number of new farmers. It is also for this reason, why hydroponics can be an profitable venture since this system is soilless.

  3. Need to conserve water. In countries where there is water shortage, hydroponics can be a viable way to produce crops while conserving our natural resources. Hydroponics, compared to the traditional way of farming in soil, uses less water. Thus, conserving water.

  4. Less pests. With hydroponics, you have more control over crop pests. With this system, you can easily identify crop pests and you can easily clean the system to control infestation. You can also use greenhouse which can provide protection from certain predators or pests. With less pests, less pesticides are also used in commercial hydroponics systems.

  5. Continuously grow your favorite food. Farming in soil may require crop rotation to ensure optimal nutrition for your plants. In hydroponics, you can grow you favorite food again and again since you will be using nutrient solutions (commercial or homemade) to sustain the plants' nutritional needs. These nutrient solutions are mixed in water flowing through the roots of your hydroponics plants.

  6. Less labor is needed. Although setting up a hydroponics system can take sometime, less labor force is needed afterwards. Hydroponics farming eliminates the need to regularly cultivate the soil, remove unwanted weeds, and check for soil-borne disease and pests.

  7. Greater yields. Hydroponics plants have the potential to give you greater harvests. This is because your plants' roots are in direct contact with essential nutrients running through the water.

If you need further information on hydroponics, it would be worthwhile to check Dr. Howard Resh's books about hydroponics.

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