Is Having A Pet Good For A Child?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Yesterday, my husband bought a used bike in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He found the item in the app Letgo. And yes, we do buy second-hand things for the purpose of practicality.

Both my husband and I were born and raised in the Philippines. I'm proud to say that being thrifty is part of our upbringing and culture.

Going back to my story, the Mexican-American man who sold his bicycle also offered my husband if he'd like to take a hamster for free. Having two young boys, my husband thought it would be a good idea.

I don't have much knowledge about hamsters but, after reading for quite sometime, I figured out it is a Syrian Hamster. We gave it the name Humphrey. And he's so adorable!

Is a pet good for a child?
Is a pet good for a child?

Humphrey, Our Hamster.

Here's my opinion for you guys asking, "Is having a pet good for a child?"

(Unless, otherwise contraindicated by your doctor. Let's say if the child has any allergy to it, or any within your home.)

1. Having a pet is a wonderful way to teach and train children about:

  • love,

  • kindness,

  • empathy,

  • good communication skills, and

  • responsibilities.

These are pro-social skills all children need to learn to become good and responsible citizens of our nation.

2. It may help build or strengthen family relationships. Caring for pets allows family members to create more bonding times with each other.

3. Knowing that pets, just like any other mortals, will inevitably pass (die), it will be a good opportunity to guide our children how to handle loss and grief in a healthy way.

4. Pets bring laughter to children, and their parents too. It is a common knowledge for many that laughter helps release the "feel good" hormones within our bodies. This is physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy for anybody.

5. Having a pet is a good way to have pleasure and companionship especially for an

only child.

6. Caring for a pet can help reduce screen time for your child. It is undeniable that gadget addiction is a common problem among many parents worldwide. Technology, although has many benefits, started consuming our children's mind and time.

Long screen times have lead to poor eating habits and lack of physical activities for our kids. Therefore, getting a pet for your child can help you prevent your child from getting obese or overweight.

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For some, use of technology has been a significant competition against children's academic performance.

No matter how hard we try to control it, it may seem like technology still wins--generally. This is a truth, especially among those born as Generation X (birth year 1965-1980), Millenials (Generation Y) (birth year 1981-1996), Generation Z (birth year 1997-2010), and the Gen Alpha (birth year 2011-2025).

Every day, genius software developers continue to come up with highly entertaining apps.

The challenge now is how to create a real life living balance. Hence, having pets can be just one of the many wonderful and healthy ways to do this.

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