How To Produce Creative Products and Services: Top 6 Ideas To Do It

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Are you thinking how to produce creative products and services? With today's market condition/ competition, you must be able to rise above the rest. Being able to do so can help you succeed in business.

Here are some tips on how you can do it.

How To Produce Creative Products and Services

  • LISTEN. Make your staff aware that you are always all ears to any creative idea or suggestion. It is important you are're able to actively listen to anybody who is willing to give input on how to produce creative products or services. When it comes to giving suggestions, all employees are equal. Having a dropbox that allows anyone (anonymously or known) to comment or share their insights on how to improve your business' products and services is an invaluable idea.

  • REWARD. Openly give rewards or incentives to your staff who show creativity in their work. Providing rewards is a powerful leadership and management skill. Reward power refers to your ability to give something valuable to your staff. It can be given through positive acknowledgement or recognition, salary increase, promotion, bonuses, or incentives. It is also known to help develop loyalty of staff to their boss or organization.

  • EDUCATE. Invest in educational training or seminars on how to develop your staff's creativity. Not everyone is born with a creative mind. However, this shouldn't stop you from honing your staff to become the best version of themselves. Through the power of the World Wide Web, you can provide your staff educational training or seminars at the tip of your fingertips.

  • DIVERSIFY. In hiring employees, give opportunity to those with different knowledge and skills than your current employees. Your pool of human assets should be rich in expertise. This gives your business the opportunity to thrive in a wealth of creative ideas coming from your staff.

  • BRAINSTORM. If you need to gather hundred or even thousands of creative business ideas in a very fast manner, do brainstorming. Read here to learn how brainstorming works toward generating a bunch of brilliant business ideas.

  • BE OPEN-MINDED. Remember the adage, "To err is human." Hence, you must be open-minded to employees who honestly admit their mistakes and learn from it. Errors within the workplace can actually lead to brilliant ideas as you're able to differentiate between what works and what doesn't.

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