How To Manifest Your Love: Different Expressions of Love

"Love makes the world go round."

The need to love and to be loved is a universal attribute of all living creatures in the world. Humans, being the highest form of all beings on Earth, need more of it to add meaning to his existence.

It is the experience of being loved and loving that allows you to ignite and burn with hope, joy, motivation, kindness, and others alike. Love, therefore, is the key to a happier life. Without it, you may find yourself walking through life without meaning or purpose.

You maybe successful in your career, but without a loved one to dedicate it to-- spouse, partner, child, parent, or friend-- your success could all be meaningless in the end.

How To Manifest Your Love: Different Expressions of Love
How To Manifest Your Love: Different Expressions of Love

To be able to establish a relationship with love as its foundation, love must be expressed in a way it is felt and appreciated by its receiver.

How do we do this?

In expressing love, there maybe times when one feels he couldn't emotionally connect with the person he dearly loves. Well, the reason maybe not because he didn't love hard enough to be felt, but perhaps because he failed to understand the other's person language of love.

Remember, your definition of love (what makes you feel loved) is not always similar to your partner, child, or friend's definition. It's like talking with each other in a different language, such as English to Korean, or boogie dancing to his/ her waltz tune.

Therefore, it is best that you understand how others define what love is.

Author, Gary Chapman discusses in his book 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, New Edition the five languages of love: (1) words of affirmation, (2) quality time, (3) acts of services, (4) gifts, and (5) physical touch.

Expressions of Love


This kind of expression of love involves physical exertion. It is your ability to deliver caring and loving services to your loved ones. Examples of this may include helping your wife in her household chores, working hard to provide well for your children, reading books to your kids, cooking meals for an elderly friend or relative, and more. The list is just endless.


Some people feel loved every time they receive gifts. This is very common among children and women particularly during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas.

In giving gifts, it is not necessary to buy too extravagant or expensive items (unless you really have the means to do so). As long as its given out of a generous heart, it should be more than enough.

It would also be good to understand what kinds of stuff bring joy to the receiver. Doing so makes your present more appreciated.


Offering time as a manifestation of love means being physically and emotionally present and giving your undivided attention.

Spending quality time a loved one is, however, one of the most challenging ways to express love. In the past decade, I have seen how dramatic quality time has been sacrificed among partners/ spouses, friends, parents and children.

Within the family, parents are now more focused in meeting the financial needs of the family and securing their children's future at the expense of sacrificing quality time with their family.

Likewise, excessive use of smart phones, tablets, and other gadgets is now one of the main culprits that interfere with spending quality time with the people you love.

Be wary because you might slowly be abandoning and neglecting your spouse or child. Maybe not physically because you live under the same roof, but emotionally due to indifference.

It is indeed pleasing (at least to the eyes of men) to have a beautiful large mansion and or a top of the line car, a collection of branded perfumes, shoes or bags and to have a good sum of money in the bank (hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars or peso). And being a good provider is desirable.

But if it means working extra longer hours and sacrificing quality time meant to be spent with our loved ones, then considering a more simple and prudent living could be considered.

For the singles, quality time can be spent with parents or friends.


The need for physical touch is inherent among all humans. From the day we were born, we yearn to be touched and to be held by our mother. The warmth of a parent’s body soothes the soul of a delicate infant. This is why many hospitals support Kangaroo Mother Care—a kind of care which promotes skin-to-skin contact between a mother, or any of the parent and an infant.

The need for loving physical touch remains true even as people grow up. It provides a sense of security, love and belongingness.


Hurtful words can kill love, friendship, and trust and give life to hatred and indifference. While honest affectionate words can do the opposite. Kind words nurture and rekindle the soul.

In uttering words that nurtures love relationships, embellishing words isn’t necessary. Simple, straightforward but honest words are enough.

For parents, please be mindful of the words you use toward your son or daughter for children have very delicate nature. They can be easily pleased with kind words and likewise can be easily destroyed by harsh ones.

And when criticizing a loved one, you need to learn how to deliver constructive criticisms, which are meant to educate and improve one's attitudes and behaviors; rather than destructive criticisms, meant to embarrass or label a person.

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