Happiness, Optimism and Your Small Business Success

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A genuine smile from someone can brighten up someone's gloomy day. Likewise, being happy and optimistic can fire up your success.

It is easy for the majority of us to be happy when we feel like 'everything is under control.' However, the true test of time comes when we face unexpected hurdles across our lives. Personal and business challenges can halt our motivation momentum and we become susceptible for a collapse. At times of great trials, there is a tendency to abandon what he have built or started-- not knowing that our great break could have been just a few steps away.

My favorite motivational book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, has given me so much inspiration in pursuing my passion and goals in life; hence I decided to launch this blog-- Thousand Business: Where Minds Meet Success. The book is so full of astounding stories about optimism and the author himself is able to deeply connect with his readers because of his personal experiences and acquaintance with successful people. His study on over 500 self-made millionaires gave his book the power to be a best-seller self-help book.

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Napoleon Hill interviewed prominent individuals (including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Charles Schwab, Thomas Edison, Wilbur Wright, F.W. Woolworth, John Ro

ckefeller), who mostly had limitations and experienced failure many times, before building and establishing great business empires.

Furthermore, his book is also able to present motivational ideas in a holistic view, with considerations on human intellectual; emotional; financial; social; and physical health aspects. But what struck me most is when Napoleon said that,

"Whatever your mind can conceive,

you can achieve."

Turning our back is never an option if we want to succeed. Here are a few tips on how we can remain optimistic and happy amidst adversities.

  1. We don't live forever. Our time as human beings is really short. The clock is ticking and being pessimistic is a waste of our precious time here on Earth. If we do so, we will actually miss the other many things that could make us happy or could provide solution to our problems. Start by being thankful with the little things that count, like waking up alive in the morning; being able to inhale fresh air; having a job/business; having a family beside you; having a home for shelter; having friends that stay close when you need them; being able to buy the little things that make you happy, etc. Being regretful, worried, guilty and dwelling too much about the past do not make us productive. Being pessimistic doesn't change our negative circumstances-- only actions that provide solution do. Let us enjoy our lives to fullest so that when we look back as we grow old, we'll be able to say, "I'm proud I did those stuff."

  2. You are not what they say. There are times when we get so affected by what others say or think about us. Do not let others' assumptions about you direct your life. Your success in life does not primarily depend on other people. Take control of your own life; otherwise, you let others destroy it.

  3. The past belongs to the past. Don't let mishaps or wrong decisions creep into your future. Let go of those pains and disappointments and unload your burden. It feels so good to start a another day with hope rather than bitterness. Face life with determination and don't be a prisoner of sorrow.

  4. Love yourself. Too much selflessness can be devastating. You can get exhausted and lose time for yourself. Remember to be the best of friend to yourself, and he/she will cooperate with you get to the pinnacle of success. Speak to yourself every morning of positive affirmations like: "I am better today than yesterday." "The best is yet to come." "Nothing is impossible." "Quitting is for losers; I am a winner." "Rain or shine, I run." "I am not what they say I am." "I am bound for success."

  5. Cultivate your spiritual life. Ultimate peace and contentment can only be achieved when we strengthen our spirituality. You and I may belong to a different religion but we may both believe of a Supreme Being who constantly guides and reminds us of the values about love, peace, joy, thankfulness, forgiveness, beauty, compassion, harmony, service and responsibility. Training our mind and soul to dwell on these beautiful things can really strengthen us in times of trials. It shall be our stronghold.

  6. Exercise. Physical activity help release stress and boost our mood. Instead of spending too much time with yourself under the blanket, go out, run and inhale fresh air. I remember walking with father for several miles around our village and he told me how walking really helps him loosen up especially when he's so burnt out at work.

  7. Eat a well-balanced diet. Our body, including our brain where emotions are generated, needs proper nutrients to function well. Perhaps this is actually the first step you need to take to make yourself feel better and prepare yourself to bounce back to your previous happy state.

  8. Talk to people with positive mindset. When you are upset, it is not really a good idea to talk with another person who too had a bad day. You two will most likely end up blasted, unless somebody else is around who can lead you two on the brighter side of life. If you are a Christian, pick up your Bible and can go to Luke 6:39-- He also told them this parable: "Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not fall into a pit?"

  9. Get professional help if you need to. Isn't it that we have witnessed a number of successful people who got devastated from suffering with depression? That's why when you experience failure it is prudent to remember that wealth and success alone cannot bring you absolute happiness; so don't fret too much about it. If you believe your emotional health is on the brink, go and talk to your doctor for proper counselling. Finding a support group could also help a lot. A support group helps you to socialize and realize that you are not alone. Furthermore, there is usually a professional and well-trained facilitator who uses therapeutic communication techniques and promotes vision, self-esteem and enthusiasm among its members so the discussion remains healthy and purposeful.

Being optimistic and happy trains you to be resilient. It will help you remain persistent when you encounter setbacks in your life and focus on ways to solve them; hence, you are more likely to succeed. No matter how bleak chances are, persistent people focus on what they can control and change, and they let go of the things they cannot. Do not let your emotions cloud your decision and soberness. Get up and rise! Life is beautiful.

I will end this article with one of my favorite Bible texts. I hope it will help you realize that things always happen for a reason and that the best is yet to come.

Isaiah 55:9 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts."

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