Things To Do Online When Bored

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hey guys. Guess what? I'm writing this article, "Fun Things To Do Online When You're Bored", simply because I'M BORED. Hmmm, what? Yeah, I'm bored... Really bored... I'm bored!!!! (I'm screaming on top of my inner voice.)

This boredom keeps my life floating at this moment and I thought it would be a great idea to write about exciting things to do online to let the time pass.

Here are my ideas about online things you too can do when you're mind is in its idle mode.

  • Travel the world through Google Earth. Stuck at home because of this pandemic? No problem! Our favorite Google has launched Google Earth in 2005 and since then it has been regularly updated to give its users a one-of-a-kind virtual tour of our planet Earth. The only downside I can say about this is that you can't really go and see into smaller streets. If you're looking for a more specific spot, it can be harder to see it through.

  • You can never go wrong with Youtube. Worldwide's favorite, Youtube, is so gigantic that it can certainly grab you attention at one point or another. To make your watching time worthwhile, watch awesome hobbies that others do; tutorial/ learning videos; current news and events; hypnosis to help you control your mind and emotions; travel vlogs; music videos; caring for a pet; etc.

  • Look for business opportunities. You may also want to visit Thousand Business' Business Page for general educational articles. We aim to inspire minds and hope to assist individuals get that genius spark towards success. Read about specific techniques to find business opportunities here.

  • Learn forex trading. Are you interested in trading global currencies (US dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese Yen, Australian dollar, Great Britain pound, Euro, New Zealand dollar, and many others)? Forex trading can be risky but rewarding when done right. It can be a source of part-time income. It is not for the faint of heart though. Furthermore, if you have a problem with addiction, please pass on this one.

  • Learn a new recipe to cook for your loved ones. Ins't it wonderful to let your home filled with the aroma of a new delicious recipe especially as your husband/ wife/ partner/ kids come home? Go and search the world wide web for new recipes that you and your family would love!

  • Learn a new hobby. With worldwide health and safety issues concerning Covid 19 pandemic, many people are forced to stay at home. And this can really be boring when prolonged. One of the best ways to overcome boredom is to go online and learn a new hobby. Have you thought about learning how to play a piano, violin, guitar, flute, saxophone, or any other musical instrument? Yeah, that would be something worthwhile! Actually, my husband and I are thinking of looking for a virtual piano teacher for our son. Since I have decided to homeschool my son (read here about Homeschooling: Advantages and Disadvantages), I'm looking for ways to make learning fun and multifaceted.

  • Read about the latest science and health discoveries. Knowledge is power. Keeping yourself abreast with fresh news about science and health is surely worth your time. Especially useful during this pandemic, knowing the latest news can help you maintain or improve your health. You may also want to read about Vitamin C Content of the Most Common Fruits and Vegetables.

  • Sign up for affiliate marketing. There are legitimate online businesses out there that offer commission based on referrals or sales you deliver to them. If you don't have a website, you can easily make an account in Pinterest or Facebook and create a page where you can promote products or services. I am affiliated with:



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