Fun Blog Ideas

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Are you looking for fun blog ideas?

Well, the most important factor to have fun blogging is to make sure you're passionate about it. Pick a niche you'd never get tired and bored writing about.

Here are fun blog ideas to jumpstart your blogging career.


Blogging can be an exciting way to showcase talents in arts or music. You can also teach moms and kids how to do fun artworks. You may also want to create videos at the same time because aside from blogging, you can also share it in Youtube.

Sharing your talent with playing a musical instrument (e.g. piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, guitar, etc.) can gather a lot of interest. You can share music videos of your favorite pieces or you can teach others how to play it. Remember that you can upload videos in your blog site or share it directly from your Youtube channel.

You can also visit museums or attend concerts and write about it. Don't forget to capture very interesting images and videos.

Current events

If you have a knack in writing your analysis and opinions on current events, you won't run out of ideas to blog about. Just be sure to let your readers know that what you wrote are your personal opinions only. Referencing is also important, so don't forget to provide links of your sources.


Are you always curious about celebrities' life? Are you a member of a fan club? Do you regularly watch newly released movies? Do people say you're a bookworm because you always find yourself holding a book? Do you want to write about your personal life?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you just found a fun blogging idea! Celebrity gossips, book or movie reviews, and personal stories can all be entertaining.

Your passion + creative writing = FUN BLOGGING. Enjoy creating contents and entertain your readers well.

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Are you an auto maintenance expert? Can you cook delish dishes, cakes, breads and pastries? Are you into vegetarian or keto recipes? Are you a handyman who has genius tips in home repairs? Do you love gardening? Are you a creative hairstylist or a good makeup artist? Do you love fishing?

Asking yourself these questions can trigger fun blogging ideas. What are your hobbies? Blog about it.


If you're someone who's enjoying the crazy and tiring yet fun, inspiring, and rewarding world of parenthood, then you can probably publish a lot about parenting.

In addition, if you're a parent who's successful in caring for a son or daughter with special needs, your experience can inspire others who are in the same boat and are having quite difficult times managing their situations.

Personal health

Are you a licensed nurse, medical doctor, licensed physical therapist, nutritionist, or a certified fitness coach or trainer? Use your personal and professional health knowledge in creating articles for general information.


Share your stories about your pet (e.g. bird, puppy, fish, turtle, cat, iguana, hamster, etc). Taking their cute photos can also help attract more readers.

You can write about:

  • fun trivia facts,

  • what healthy foods they can eat,

  • your experience in managing your pet's illness, and

  • cute moments with your pet.


It is undeniable that a lot of people are attracted to photography blogging. It is also not surprising that this type of blog niche has a lot of readers and followers. Why? Because it allows others to see what only some can see. Humans are naturally curious species. Use this in knowledge in growing the number of your followers and readers.


If you're the active and athletic type of person, blogging about sports can be very exciting.

You can write about your favorite local (or even global) team, extreme sports, children's exercises, yoga, and many more.

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Travel blogs allow others to virtually travel into beautiful/ magnificent, weird, or interesting places which only some can physically visit.

Showcase your country and you might be surprised to see how fast your blog can grow.

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