Food Business: Types of Restaurants

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The Restaurant Industry

There are numerous opportunities in the food business. This article is written to discuss the different types of restaurants.

Everyday, a lot of people visit restaurants for a variety of reasons. For busy people who don't have time to cook delish meals, restaurants offer convenience where they can grab a meal for themselves and for their family members waiting at home.

Restaurants also provide means for entertaining, celebrating or meeting with family, friends, colleagues, business associates, and other people. In most parts of the world, special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, and reunions are held in restaurants because the hosts would rather spend money than do the laborious tasks of preparing menus and tidying the place after the occasion.

Dining out is also a common escapade away from boredom. Since not many among us (perhaps) have the ability to cook a wide variety of meals, we sometimes get bored for eating the same stuff often. Our cravings for something satiable and palatable can easily be satisfied by placing an order online or by phone, or by driving into a restaurant.

In addition, restaurants have important roles in tourists' lives. Food away from home can be easily purchased almost everywhere.

Overall, restaurants are the go-to places to avoid food shopping, preparation, and cleanup.

Food Business Different Types of Restaurants
Restaurant Business

If you're thinking of opening a restaurant business, you have to know what type of restaurant you'd want to engage with. Depending on your target niche and future business location, knowledge on this can aid you in planning and preparation of the food and atmosphere.

Types of Restaurants

Family Restaurants

If you plan to serve inexpensive meals and accommodate spouses, children, other family members and friends then you are more likely to open a family type of restaurant. Overall, family restaurants are child-friendly. The surrounding can sometimes be noisier too compared to fine-dining restaurants.

Since family restaurants offer an ambiance of relaxed dining, people can just wear casual attires as they come and enjoy simple but filling foods. This type of restaurant also usually serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Denny's, Waffle House, Steak n' Shake, and Red Lobsters are all family restaurants.

Fast Food Restaurants

If you hear the term quick service restaurants (QSR), it means the same thing as fast food restaurants. Convenient and fast services are the major concepts of QSRs. In most instances, its food prices are much cheaper than those you can order from family restaurants.

Virtually, eating in fast food restaurants has become part of many people's lives. Because of the franchising opportunities that most companies offer to those who qualify, people can easily access the place and indulge in their simple yet comforting and tasty foods. Taco Bell, McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Wendy's, Boston Market, and Subway are just some of the most popular fast food restaurants not only here in the US, but in other corners of the world as well.

Theme Restaurants

Theme restaurants make their customers' dining experience more exciting as they style the place with special decors-- usually with a theme. These restaurants aim to make the customers feel they are in a special place, time, or event. Themes can vary from medieval times, Hawaiian, Hello Kitty, beach, futuristic, to military and others.

Oftentimes, the foods they serve reflect the kind of theme they have.

Theme restaurants are definitely fun go-to places for both tourists and locals because of a one of a kind dining experience these restaurants offer. However, owners and managers need to commit to a well-sustained and continuous improvement of their services to make sure customers would want to come back for more and they don't get bored seeing the same things again and again.

Rainforest Cafes and Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament are theme restaurants.

Fine-dining Restaurants

Fine dining restaurants offer relatively high-priced meals. They use the highest quality of ingredients and present food in artful manners. Many of us would usually associate such type of restaurant to words such as "fancy" and "luxurious."

It is not uncommon for fine-dining restaurateurs to hire the best chefs in town, emphasize importance of exquisite and extraordinary polite customer service among its staff, and make sure that the environment is decorated with sophistication. Soft and classical music can also add to an elegant atmosphere fine-dining restaurants are commonly known for.

If you'd love to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one, treating him or her to a fine-dining restaurant would surely create lasting memories.

Cafeterias and Buffet Restaurants

In cafeterias, employees in counters serve customers who choose from a display of food and beverages. On the other hand, buffets give the customers freedom to choose and get their own food and/or beverages from buffet tables.

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Ethnic Restaurants

In a world where migration occurs almost everywhere, different cultures have its way of penetrating the food service business as well.

The sprouting of ethnic restaurants, especially in a highly diverse society like here in the US, has paved the way for people from different ethnic backgrounds to taste and enjoy what other countries have to offer.

Ethnic restaurants include those enterprises that specialize in Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, Korean, Indian, German, Thai, Italian, and Filipino dishes-- to name just a few.

Limited-service Restaurants


Bakeries sell baked products such as breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, crackers, and others. There are bakeries which have specialized in gluten-free products, doughnuts, cream cheese-based fillings, pies, wedding cakes, allergy-friendly and healthy baked goodies, vegan products, and others.


Pubs are establishments licensed to sell beer and other alcoholic beverages. They could also serve basic meals to their customers.

Pizza Restaurants

Pizzas are very popular meals or snacks of people all over the world. Pizzerias are also becoming more creative and innovative in their recipes. Nowadays, you can enjoy different flavors (e.g. double cheese, vegetarian, pepperoni, alfredo, bbq, Hawaiian, etc) .

You can even customize your pizza, depending on how you like it. You can add extra cheese, omit certain ingredients, choose between thin and thick crust, choose your desired sauce, and many more. Surely, pizza shops are becoming more popular than ever as customers are having more freedom to satisfy their cravings.

It is not unusual for pizza restaurants to sell complementary food items such as chicken wings, bread sticks, rolls, cookies, brownies, and pastas to give customers other options.

Other Examples of Limited-service Restaurants

  • BBQ restaurants

  • Chicken restaurants

  • Ice cream restaurants

  • Salad restaurants

  • Seafood restaurants

  • Sub shops

  • Steak houses

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