Employee Absenteeism Is Bad For Your Business

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

At one point or another in your life, you have probably witnessed a certain colleague who regularly calls in to be absent from work. And most of the time, if this calling in becomes seemingly habitual, people left at work become suspicious of the real cause behind that person's reasons.

Absenteeism, is a very common problem in the workplace. Undeniably, it is bad for your business. Here are just some of the few reasons why.

Productivity issues

The fact that a person is hired means that he/she needs to perform valuable services to maintain a certain productivity level.

If somebody habitually calls in (sick, as for the most reason), the employer and/or manager could be left unprepared to get somebody come to work to compensate for the work to be done. This leads to productivity issues.

And even if you get somebody to work on that day, if the absentee has specialized knowledge and skills, it could greatly inversely influence the productivity of the team.

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Cost of overtime for other employees

Absenteeism adds to the labor costs that employers need to pay. Oftentimes, other staff are requested to work for additional hours to cover up for the absentee. This means you, as an employer, need to pay an overtime fee which is costly.

Poor customer satisfaction

Absenteeism is widely known to cause customer dissatisfaction. Staff shortage or lack of sufficient experience by the temporary help can result to poor delivery of services such as longer waiting times for customers and/or more performance errors.

Low morale of other employees

When you continuously give your staff additional burdens (longer work hours and additional work loads), you are simultaneously causing them emotional distress which often results to poor job satisfaction and eventually poor job performance.

When mismanaged, absenteeism means bad business for you because you are risking to lose your valuable, engaged and well-trained employees.

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