Buffalo Grove, Illinois: Spray 'N Play | Splash Pad Or Spray Pool Business Ideas | Summer

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Last week, our sons Azriel and Jaiden were really getting bored. Especially for Azriel, our eldest, who is a very sociable person.

This pandemic has caused him less social interaction with friends and relatives. Every time my husband is on day off, we really make sure to bring the kids out even for just a short walk or a play at a park where there's less people.

Summertime is our favorite season of the year. Coming from a tropical country, Philippines, we're used to getting a dose of sunlight every day and being able to visit water parks or beaches whenever we want.

Because of this pandemic, Covid-19, we weren't able to visit amazing water parks. Last summer (2019), we went to Kalahari Resorts, Chula Vista Resorts, and Baker's Sunset Bay Resort-- all in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Yes we do love to travel! We love creating memories over buying expensive and glamorous things. My husband and I, luckily, don't have shopping addiction. We get to save money for traveling with our kids.

Going back to the story, we looked for a fun place where our kids could enjoy the remaining few days of summer. We searched online for outdoor swimming pools near our place. Unfortunately, most of them closed a week ago due to the re-escalating number of Covid-19 cases.

My sons started getting frustrated and desperate to go out and to have fun. We kept on looking for fun ideas to do and thought of looking for open splash pads or spray pools near us.

We found Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. It is located at 951 McHenry Road. We called the Park District Office to inquire if it's open. And yes it was open that day! My sons were jumping for joy.

After lunch, we drove to Spay 'N Play which is about 20 minutes away from our home here in Wheeling, Illinois. When we arrived, there's only about 10 people there including the kids.

The concierge asked us if we have made any reservation online. I said no, but luckily, he still allowed us to pay for our entrance fees since there's only a few people out there. We payed $3 each; a total of $12 for the four of us.

Even though we didn't get to visit a bigger water park that day, the kids didn't have less fun at Spray 'N Play! They were so exhilarated by the splashes of water. They were able to wade through the water and shout for joy.

It's nice to see our kids getting some relief from boredom.

Here are our kids' pictures and short video while having so much fun at Spray 'N Play.

Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Spray 'N Play in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

If you have an extra piece of land and you're thinking of a good summer business idea but do not want to spend too much on water, splash pads or spray pools can be fantastic.

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