9 Most Common Reasons Why People Blog

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Blogging has grown so fast because even with just little technical knowledge and abilities, most people can do it. It knows no age, gender, race, or social status.

The blogosphere serves as a doorway to communicate with people around the globe. Now the next question is why do people actually blog?

Here are the 9 most common reasons why people blog:

1. Personal blogs. There are people who enjoy sharing their private life with others, so they make their personal blog. They write about their experiences, likes, passions, frustrations, joy, beliefs, and opinions. The blog posts could revolve around:

  • one's relationship with his/her spouse/ partner- date ideas, intimacy matters, communication patterns, causes of misunderstandings, how to know if he/ she's the right one, best gifts to give to a partner, how to know if your partner/ spouse is cheating on you, why I married my spouse, things that changed after our marriage, how to keep the love/ affection burning as a couple, when is it time to let go, being jealous of my partner/ spouse's ex, and so on.

  • parenting- how I coped with my first pregnancy, experience with breastfeeding, homemade baby food, dealing with my toddler's tantrums, how to find the right nanny/ baby sitter, fun and educational activities to do with kids at home, cheap things to do with my kids, potty training ideas, why I chose homeschooling for my kids, how I teach moral values to my kids, playground safety tips, easy healthy recipes children would love, and others.

  • hobbies- baking/ cooking, photography, candle making, collecting, DIY projects, gaming, gardening, jewelry making, clothes making/ designing, home improvements, sports, vacation/ travel, fitness/ weight training, etc.

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2. Business blogs. Small business owners may find blogging favorable because it allows them to connect and network to their current and potential customers. Blogging makes it possible to reach even those on the other side of the globe. Products or services advertising, marketing, and customer service have become easier because of blogs. More specifically, blogging allows small business owners to:

  • encourage people to subscribe to one's site or social pages

  • direct blog visitors to one's online store

  • answer questions that one's current and potential customers have regarding specific products/ services

  • convince readers why one's products or services are worth the value of their money

  • understand what the customers want at the present and what they would like to have in the future

3. Corporate blogs. Big companies also make blogs for almost the same reasons that small business owners have. Advertising, marketing, connecting, networking-- these are the objectives of corporate bloggers.

4. Nonprofit blogs. Organizers of charitable or not for profit organizations primarily create blogs to inform the public what they do, encourage people to support their goals and objectives, and/or solicit donations for their activities. Nonprofit organizations' focus could be about politics, education, religion, arts, culture, economics, healthcare, justice, and others.

5. News and information blogs. There are also blogs which goal is to keep people informed about current and breaking news, events and special topics like entertainment, sports, culture, health, politics, business, etc.

Although some bloggers do not personally gather these types of information themselves, they may serve as aggregators and disseminators as they share it among their blog readers. This practice, however, can lead to misreporting of some details.

6. Expert blogs. Whether you have gained your expertise through formal education (nursing, medicine, psychology, engineering, trading, etc.) or by experience, you can create an impact to the world and touch lives through blogging. You can become a guru in the blogosphere who shares both your knowledge and experience to your blog readers.

7. Entertainment and fan blogs. Bloggers under this category focus on creating posts related to radio and/or television shows, films, actors/ actresses and other entertainment personalities. These types of blogs may contain rumors/ gossips, opinions, and other recent happenings in the entertainment industry.

8. Niche blogs. Niche bloggers have very specific topics they write about-- mostly what they are passionate and knowledgeable about. Niche blogs also have targeted audience.

9. Affiliate blogs. Affiliate marketing bloggers write posts (reviews) about certain products or services offered by others. Then they recommend them to their blog readers with the goal to earn commissions.

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