24 Most Popular Blog Niches and Topics

Updated: Aug 31

People blog for varied reasons. Others do it as a hobby, while many do it with a goal to earn a living. You are probably reading this article because you want to publish a blog and you are searching for content ideas. I'm glad you've found your way here. Please continue reading.

The first step that all bloggers take is identifying a niche they would write about. Ideally, when selecting a blogging category, you must be able to initially list at least 25 topics or titles; this is your sweet spot. If you cannot get to 25, it means that your chosen category is too narrow and you'll probably have a hard time providing rich content in you blog. Meaningful content is the key to this business. Without any substantial information, you'll find it hard to build your authority and status in the blogging world.

Certain topics may overlap with another broader category. Just make sure you remain as close as possible to your niche to let your readers clearly understand what your blog is all about. It shouldn't be like your niche is Home & Garden, then you'll write more articles about popular online games for teens or latest trends in summer fashion.

Ultimately, you must remember that:

For you to be able to write, you have to read. Without knowledge you will not be able to come up with brilliant ideas to write.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the 24 most popular blog categories and some topics which you can use in writing blog articles. Also remember to be more creative in writing the title. Make it as appealing as possible to attract readers and don't forget to add a personal touch on every article you'll write.

Blog Categories and Topics

1. Arts & Entertainment

  • Effective ways to attract potential audiences for your art gallery

  • How to fund your first show

  • Build your own brand as an artist

  • Contribution (or importance) of arts & entertainment in our modern society

  • Writing and creating perfect theatre scenes

  • Difference between arts and entertainment

  • Review of dance studios

  • Landscape painting

  • Painting on porcelain

  • Making money on live performances (plays, opera, ballet music, dance, plays, etc.)

  • Starting your own movie rental business (Read about 22 Rental Business Ideas: Let Your Money Work For You)

  • Beneficial effects of entertainment to our health: On creating balance

  • Awesome online games for kids, teens, and adults

  • Relaxing music to listen to

  • Computer games addiction: what is it and how to prevent it

  • Feature places that support youth and/or adult arts learning.

  • Communicative cycle of the arts

  • Using internet and email marketing to promote your arts

  • How to retain your audience's attention during the show

  • Steps on strategic marketing planning for arts managers

  • Feature art therapy places

  • How to cultivate your art talent.

  • Gifted and talented programs

2. Autos & Vehicle

  • Latest car and SUV models for year _______

  • SUVs or cars with most comfortable seats

  • Cheapest and most expensive autos/ vehicles and what makes them such

  • Pros and cons of new versus used cars

  • Places to trade-in your car

  • How to become a top agent for autos/ vehicles

  • A brief history of wheeled vehicle technology

  • Discuss the purpose, common location, and interesting facts of each car part in separate articles-- That is going to be a lot already to put in your blog!!!! Consider those parts ON (antenna, bumper, convertible top, headlights, heating plug, etc., INSIDE (airbag, air conditioning, auxiliary heater, brake pedal, etc.) and UNDER a car (brakes, coil spring, gas tank, differential, etc.)

  • Awesome features of latest car models

  • Interesting facts about military cars

3. Beauty & Fitness

  • How to start your own beauty salon

  • Natural beauty recipes

  • Acne among teenagers

  • Advertising your beauty/ fitness business

  • Arguments against animal testing in cosmetology

  • Most popular anti-aging products in the market

  • Korean-inspired hair styles

  • Suggested hair styles for different face shapes

  • Common causes and natural remedies for baldness

  • Feature hair salons for kids

  • Feature your favorite Bath and Body Works products

  • Physical exercises to reduce specific body fats (add a video of yourself or somebody else doing it for a more original content)

  • Preparation of healthy meal

  • Tell your audience your fitness routine or any challenges encountered

  • Tell your audience your not-so healthy lifestyle choices and how you plan to challenge yourself to change.

  • Health benefits of physical activity

  • Exercises for cardiovascular fitness

  • Discuss levels of physical activity

  • How to implement/ maintain proper body mechanics

  • How physical exercise can lower one's stress level

4. Books & Literature

  • Where to buy used books

  • Review your favorite books then link the book to an affiliate program :)--- You must be a bookworm to excel in this category. Writing books reviews and sharing your insights will compose most of your blog posts.

  • Types of literature

  • How to start your own blog

  • Types of blog

  • How long should your blog post be?

  • Characteristics of a good writer

  • Intellectual competencies of creative writers

  • How to publish your own book

  • Sell your ebooks

  • How to clearly communicate your thoughts in your writings

  • Common grammatical errors in writing

  • Social language versus academic language in writing: Which is better for your blog?

  • Different styles of writing

  • Creative writing preparation checklist

5. Business & Industrial

This is the main category of THOUSANDBUSINESS.COM.

  • Small business ideas for year _______

  • Reasons why you should start your own business

  • Pet-sitting business

  • Flower shop business

  • Common challenges faced by start-up businesses

  • How to be an effective leader/ manager

  • How to manage irate customers

  • Marketing strategies for your business

  • Tips on how to retain your customers

  • Car detailing business

  • Childcare business

  • Selling on Amazon

  • How bloggers earn money

  • Intelligent money management for your home and business

  • Use your music talent to earn extra income

  • Side hustles you can start in the comfort of your home

  • Businesses with high profit margin

  • How to start a food business from your kitchen

  • Sources of entrepreneurial opportunities

  • How to write a business plan

  • Guides on writing organizational vision and mission statements

6. Computers & Electronics

  • Best deals on Amazon

  • Most popular cellphones (could be laptops, television, speaker, printers, etc.) this year

  • Review what types of electronics you have at home and what makes them special

  • Tips on buying used computers/ electronics

  • Troubleshooting common problems in specific computers/ electronics

  • How to choose the right computer specs based on your needs

  • Best DSLR cameras this year

  • Special settings combination for your DSLR camera

  • Compare BOSE speakers with other brands

  • Blenders for smoothies

  • Top home security systems

7. Finance

  • Importance of finance to organizations

  • Pros and cons of different forms of business organization

  • How to earn in the stock market

  • How to earn in forex market

  • Career in finance: Financial analyst

  • Career in finance: Personal financial advisor

  • Career in finance: Accountant

  • Career in finance: Auditor

  • Career in finance: Stockbroker

  • Career in finance: Brand manager

  • Career in finance: Claims adjuster

  • Career in finance: Bookkeeper

  • Career in finance: Insurance underwriter

  • Career in finance: Loan officer

  • Financing a new business venture

  • Evaluating financial performance

  • Short and long-term financial planning

  • Other financing alternatives

  • Risk management

  • Budget allocation

  • How to manage your debts

  • Internal financing: reinvesting cash flow

  • Creating wealth through fixed asset investments

  • Cutting on overhead expenses without sacrificing quality of products/ services

  • Side hustles

  • Managing personal finance

  • Asset allocation

  • Pros and cons of using credit cards

8. Food & Drink

  • Share your own personal recipes (salads, appetizers, sweet treats, main dishes, breads, etc.)

  • Do a copycat of famous foods (Krispy Kreme, KFC, Cinnabon, Chipotle, DQ, etc.)

  • Feature different milk shakes

  • Feature winery and vineyards

  • Fun fruit picking (apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes, etc.) experiences with family or friends

  • Soy milk making

  • Feature freshly squeezed fruit juices you can find in the market

  • Bake a fondant cake

  • Homemade ice creams and/or ice cream cakes

  • Meal planning

  • Types of diet (keto, paleo, vegetarian, meditteranean, low carb, low sugar, raw, etc.)

  • Feature exotic foods

  • Feature uncommon or interesting foods of other countries (Japanese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Thailand, etc.)

  • Mixing drinks

  • Feature your favorite restaurants

9. Games

  • Review Nintendo and Sony games and gadgets in separate articles

  • Review arcade games

  • Fun games for kids, teens, and adults

  • How to control video games addiction

  • Educational video games

  • Hot mobile games

  • Top 20 PC games this year

10. Health

  • Levels of physical activity

  • Healthy food choices

  • Benefits of eating chocolates with moderation

  • Cannabis in today's market

  • Healthy meal planning

  • Relaxation breathing

  • Hypnosis

  • Massage therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Acupressure

  • Acupuncture

  • Great dental hygiene tips

  • How to deal with a bad breath

  • Cardiovascular exercises

  • Spiritual health in today's world

11. Hobbies & Leisure

  • Feature your favorite sport

  • Soap making

  • Candle making

  • Try doing different sports and write about your experiences

  • Awesome books to read

  • Feature your favorite shows

  • Write about a musical instrument that you play or learn one (guitar, keyboards, piano, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, etc.)

  • Feature karaoke systems

  • Feature collections (coins, postage stamps, vintage portraits, primitive baskets. etc.)

  • Watch a play in a theater and tell about your awesome experiences

  • Watch an opera and tell about your awesome experiences

12. Home & Garden

  • Medicinal plants

  • Growing herbs (rosemary, sage, lemon verbena, thyme, lavender, etc.)

  • Write articles on how to grow cucumber, tomatoes, okra, mushroom, potatoes, spinach, etc.

  • Indoor plants

  • Succulents

  • Growing orchids

  • Grow lights

  • Landscaping techniques

  • How to treat common plants diseases

  • Home cleaning techniques

  • Suggest ways on how to make home sections (living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) feel and look cozy

  • Suggest color combinations for a home

  • Write about organizing techniques for living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, etc.

  • Energy consumption saving techniques

  • How to child-proof a home

  • DIY home cleaning solutions

  • DIY home repairs

  • Prevention of bugs and pest infestation at home

  • Tips on buying a new home

13. Internet & Telecom

  • Safe internet use guidelines for kids, teens and adults

  • Cyberbullying

  • Social media marketing

  • Blogging

  • Vlogging

  • Prevention of identity theft

  • Feature great deals offered by mobile phone providers

  • Latest trends or developments on the internet or telecom industry

  • Impact of internet on modern society (education, business, health/ medicine, social life, etc.)

  • Lats craze on online games or any trending online stuff

  • Review social media platforms in view of different users/ purposes

  • Latest news about Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

14. Jobs & Education

  • Types of jobs

  • Write about careers in writing, healthcare, finance, marketing, education, engineering, childcare, architecture, computer science, technology, communications, broadcasting, insurance, psychology, travel, science, fashion, restaurant, law, etc. This is probably one of the broadest categories.

  • Job interview

  • How to hire the best employee

  • How to retain employees

  • Team building activities

  • How to write an excellent resume

  • Review online professional social media sites

  • Factors affecting job satisfaction

  • Issues at work such as conflict management, bullying or other types of abuse, gossiping, bribery, harassment, etc.

  • How to develop engaged employees

  • English as second language

  • Theories of learning

  • Human motivation to learn

15. Law & Government

  • Business law issues

  • Environmental law issues

  • Healthcare law issues

  • Private law issues

  • Criminal law issues

  • Taxation issues

  • Human rights

  • Types of government

  • Politics issues

  • Law, order and freedom issues

  • Citizenship issues

  • Laws relating to animals

  • Constitutional and administrative law issues

  • Education law issues

16. News

  • Healthcare news

  • Sports news

  • Market news

  • Current affairs news

  • Global news

  • Science and discovery news

  • Weather

  • Social media-related news

  • Food industry-related news

  • Politics-related news

  • Entrepreneur-related news

  • Lifestyle/ entertainment news

  • Breaking news

17. Online Communities

  • Feature established online communities

  • Build your own online community (forex trading, stock market trading, parenting, recipes, single parenthood, being a military wife/ husband, arts, travel, freelancers, etc.)

18. People & Society

  • Write about important people in today's society

  • Feature communities

  • Feature different jobs and write how it contributes to the society

  • Feature lifestyle/ habits of youths today

  • Unemployment

  • Gender differences in different aspects

  • Motivation

  • Human learning

  • Socialization issues

  • Conflict resolution

  • Current homosexuality issues

  • How science and technology influences the modern society

  • Opportunities for disabled people

  • Morality issues in today's society

  • Religion and society

  • Media and people

  • Age and generation differences/ similarities in today's society

  • Common social stigmas

  • Divorce (effects on children, pros and cons, when to give marriage a second chance, etc.)

  • Types of abuse

  • Discrimination issues

19. Pets & Animals

  • Feature zoos

  • Feature animal shelters

  • Feature your pet

  • Your side on animal testing

  • Interesting facts about animals

  • Toxic foods for pets

  • Pet sitting

  • Service/ companion animals

  • Feature talking birds

  • Feature endangered animals

  • Current issues about animals

  • Work life of a veterinarian

  • Pet first aid

  • Common pet health problems

20. Real Estate

  • Refinancing a home

  • Types of properties worth investing in

  • Careers in real estate

  • Flipping houses

  • Issues on buying or renting a place to live in

  • Making an offer and closing

  • Choosing a location

  • Careers in real estate

  • How and where to get a loan when you have a bad credit

  • How to sell your house fast

  • Issues on rental properties

  • Foreclosures

  • Issues on real estate contracts

  • Subleasing

  • Issues on mortgages

  • Issues on real estate laws

21. Science

  • Careers in science

  • Issues on life science

  • Issues on marine science

  • Issues on biomaterials science

  • Issues on mechanical science

  • Issues on space science

  • Issues on food science

  • Issues on ecology

  • Issues on aquaculture science

  • Latest trends on health science

  • Latest advances in science

22. Shopping

  • Latest fashion trends (summer, fall, winter, spring)

  • Best shopping deals (fashion, electronics, bags, etc.)

  • Online shopping

  • Building your own brand of clothes, bags, shoes, etc.

  • Factors that influence consumers to buy a product

  • How to avoid impulsive buying

  • Consumer product safety issues

  • Cultural influences on buying

  • Group influences on buying

  • Needs versus desire in shopping industry

23. Sports

  • Feature latest local and global sports news (NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, etc.)

  • Martial arts

  • Water sports

  • Ball sports

  • Archery

  • Board sports

  • Catching games

  • Climbing

  • Cycling

  • Wrestling and other combat sports

  • Equestrian

  • Fishing

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Gymnastics

  • Hunting

  • Ice sports

  • Racket sports

  • Running

  • Sailing

  • Snow sports

  • Shooting sports

  • Weightlifting

  • Motorized sports

  • Mind sports

24. Travel

  • Travel experiences in Africa

  • Travel experiences in Antarctica

  • Travel experiences in Asia

  • Travel experiences in Australia

  • Travel experiences in Europe

  • Travel experiences in North America

  • Travel experiences in South America

  • Feature beautiful beaches

  • Feature best restaurants

  • Feature best hotels

  • Best travel deals

  • Feature street foods

  • Feature other communities' living culture

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